Instant Wall Murals

How do you turn that room in your home or bland lobby or conference room at work into something really impressive? Bay Imagery’s instant wall murals could be just the answer you’re looking for.

In the old days, to have a mural applied on a wall often meant scheduling a talented artist to arrive and spend hours, or days perhaps, meticulously recreating artwork that may or may not turn out as expected. And if you wanted to remove or change it, that was no easy task. Now, Bay Imagery offers an exciting new option that makes it easy for even a novice wallpaper installer to apply a stunning wall mural.

We can utilize virtually any digital artwork you have available to print the wall mural you have always wanted. The printed panels will be delivered ready to peel and stick to the wall right out of the box. Seams overlap for a perfect fit and since the material is removable, the panel sections can be easily remove and repositioned, thus eliminating any fears of making a mistake and having pay to re-order a replacement. Before you know it, you’ll have an amazing wall decoration you and your friends can admire for years. And for your business, a wall mural can liven up the work environment or just add a unique focal point to any space that will surely impress your visitors. (See our video for a installation demonstration.)

Unlike with painting, you can digitally layout your design to your wall’s specifications so there’s no worry about the final product being different than you expected. We can even print a color proof so you can be sure it’s just right. We’re committed to making sure you’re satisfied with your print.

Let us help you get started making your space beautiful. Give us a call at 410-687-7703.

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