Lightweight Fabric Displays

Fabric displays, or Hopups as they are also known, are the latest innovation prevailing in the trade show industry. Fabric displays have become increasingly popular due to advancements in print technology making them more cost effective and readily available. Moreover, they offer advantages in being light weight, easy to install and requiring minimal storage space.

You will be amazed to see just how spectacular imprinted fabric appears after it’s been professionally sewn and attached to a custom light weight tube frame assembly. Whether hanging from a ceiling, strategically placed on the show floor or swaying in the breeze outdoors, a fabric display will surely attract some attention.

Most fabric graphic materials are imprinted primarily using an heat-based imaging process known as dye-sublimation. This technology works by transferring the artwork from paper to fabric using a heat press. Alternatively, latest technology printers can now print directly onto fabrics using heat and specially formulated dyes. Either method will offer high resolution results that will prove very resilient.

The displays come in a wide variety of sizes and are offered in straight or curved frame models. Setup is a breeze with the fabric Hopup displays since they are stored with the graphic attached to the frame and they pack away just as quickly. Fabric graphics can be changed out easily to allow greater versatility with a single display system. Lighting kits are available to make the display glow and stand out even more.

With the ever rising costs of exhibiting, a fabric display can facilitate saving on ownership costs over the life of the exhibit. And since it’s so easy to transport and install, it may open opportunities at promotional events than you may not have previously considered attending.

Fabric graphics do not dent or scratch offering less likelihood of having to replace graphics due to damage. Since they are extremely lightweight, fabric displays can also save you storage, shipping and installation costs as well.

Lightweight Fabric displays can be a great option for your exhibit. Call us today and let us help you select one that will meet all your project requirements.

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