Non-Slip Floor Graphics

Non-skid graphics (aka anti-slip floor graphics) are a fantastic way to covey a message or express yourself through art, more uniquely using digitally printed graphics applied to standing and foot traffic areas.

The print quality is vibrant and capable of delivering stunning photographic images and dimensional effects while offering both durability and cost effectiveness. The material can also be custom die-cut on our plotter.

Ideal for marking floors and aisle spaces in supermarkets, malls, fast food restaurants, museums, athletic clubs or any point-of-sale location. And the non-skid versatility allows for applications beyond floors because these graphics are also well suited for showers, bathtubs, saunas, skateboards, surfboards – even inside pools (applied dry)……..

Pre-coated with a pressure-sensitive, waterproof adhesive, our floor graphics can be applied on most indoor surfaces, even those that will
assuredly get wet. They are easily removable without residue, even after long use while the non-slip surface remains very secure and chemical resistant. The waterproof adhesive and film durability make this product extremely friendly to the foot while it still pleases the eye.

These graphics are ASTM D-2047 certified and meet the Euro-norm as DIN/EN.

Please contact Bay Imagery for more information and/or samples.

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