Creative Uses for White Ink

The ability to print using white ink opens up a plethora of possibilities for creative-minded designers. The white ink is not only opaque enough to be used on its own, but it acts as a fantastic base layer so process colors come out vibrant regardless of the material it’s printed on. While the most obvious use may to print directly on black boards for cost-effective displays, it can print on anything from wood to metal to ceramic.

Substrates like Dibond, an aluminum composite material, can be used to create fantastic designs blending color, white, and the eye-catching natural surface of the shimmering silver or gold-colored metal. Since white can print in half-tone just like regular ink, white (or color) can fade into the surface of the board creating amazing illusions and designs.

It works perfectly on clear plexiglass too, creating a dense white that looks great by itself or as an opaque surface for other colors. Need a print that can be used for frontlit and backlit viewing? No problem. Using a white layer in between two colored layers on clear plexiglass creates a print that looks vibrant when viewed either way. Two sided printing on clear material? We can do that too. We can even create partially illuminated areas on backlit prints by creating a black mask layer to block out areas that shouldn’t be backlit.

Even metal or wood, as long as they are flat with no protruding edges, can be printed on directly. This is a very environmentally-friendly option that allows us to offer reduce costs since we use no material other than the ink. Doors, metals signage, wooden boards, window glass–virtually any flat, rigid material less than 2″ thick. The smoother and flatter, the better the quality printing. And since colors print on the white ink instead of the natural surface, they come out bright and calibrated for pleasing accuracy.

Ceramic tiles of any color can be used as a direct printing surface to expand design possibilities with unlimited potential. Artists can choose to create amazing mosaics with photo-realistic images, color-pleasing logos, and sharp text. The ability to create mind-blowing wall murals has never been more accessible with tiles that can have individual designs or can be pieced together to create a much larger image.

The possibilities for using white ink directly printed onto the surface is limited only by the designers’ creativity. To see a sample of just what can be done with this expanding technology, contact us today. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our capabilities or a job you need completed.

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